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Project: ENIGMA

What is Project: ENIGMA?


Project: ENIGMA, is a revolutionary concept in youth soccer development, where the player, not the club, is the entire focus of our devoted efforts.

Started as a pilot program, in the early 1999's when FUTSOC was founded, we have had immense success on a local, state, regional, national and international level, in presenting our play systems and projecting our players on to the national and global stage.

We have competed equally, with the very best Premier Elite clubs and Developmental Academies in the nation and have garnered great respect and admiration, for our innovative play system, our demonstrated competitiveness and our unique philosophy. Having attained top 10 ranking nationally since its inception, this flagship program has also attained top 5 ranking on five occasions and achieved the No. 1 ranking nationally in 2015. Over the course of that period, ENIGMA teams have participated in top level tournaments, friendlies and other events, winning 162, losing 14 and tying 11.

Over the course of those years, ENIGMA have been invited and participated,  in some of the most elite events nationally and internationally...,with great success. Competing at world famous Dr. Pepper Dallas Cup, our ENIGMA squad has amassed an impressive 7 victories- 1 loss and 3 ties against teams like Knowsley Youth of England (3::2),  Pumas of Mexico (2::2),  Portsmouth of England (2::0), Middlesbrough FC of England (0::1),  Red Bull Brasil (0::0), Solar Chelsea (1::1), Golden State Warriors (2::0)...and other titans of youth soccer! During this time, over twenty of our players have been approached and attained academic/soccer scholarships and professional interest from over a dozen universities and numerous professional MLS clubs. A complete success!!!

Partnering up with some of the most prominent names in corporate America and internationally, we completed the support “club” - ENIGMA RESERVES, which has made Project: ENIGMA a sustaining reality! Originally, a flagship club enjoying the long-standing support from global corporate entities such as FCAUSA:EU, Kellogg's, Subway's, AIB and many others – our primary sponsors, as well as many other smaller, but just as important contributors to our infant development, we have established this unique program with their long-term commitment. These entities are prepared to lend us their full support, based on our proven track record of success with teams and players past.

Our innovative approach has been simple and transparent within its innate complexity, as we have established a proven teaching methodology and successful mentoring cycle. Within this scope, we clearly identify, grade, educate and develop all aspects of a young player's sporting mentality, as well as their expected learning curve and sustained progression in qualitative and quantitative measurements within their soccer maturation process. We emphasize not only the skill sets required for the game, but equally, teach the complexities and understanding of all the technical, tactical, physiological, nutritional and mental processes involved in understanding the beautiful game and its direct application to the concept of team.

Constant monitoring and grading of minimum standards required at each level of development, along with the educational input required to ascertain the expected role at each level of the transition process from one level to the next, does ultimately aid and nurture the expected growth through each phase.

ENIGMA takes on the 2015 EPL Youth Champions and UEFA Youth Champions League quarter-finalists, Middlesbrough F.C. at the 2016 Dr. Pepper Dallas Cup.

The process is long, arduous and it requires a confirmed mutual commitment and constant dedication. It requires absolute resolve, unyielding sacrifice and demonstrated devotion, but it ultimately yields teams of consummate soccer players - well-rounded, balanced groups of youths, who have not only established themselves successfully on the field of play, but as truly productive members in our society! To date, we are proud to announce that FUTSOC ENIGMA has placed over 170 players (and counting) to the next level at colleges and universities in the U.S. and abroad, as well as, professional clubs in Europe, South America and the U.S.

Every year, Project: ENIGMA is set to initiate its player search of elite level players with elite level attitudes and elite commitment levels. Once again, we anticipate having a very select group of 22 players, boys within the ages of 12-14 for one group, 15-16 and  17/18-19 in another group, who will serve as the next edition of this exciting renewal project. Unquestionably, the total commitment will require that all parents, players, coaches and sponsors work in unison and create a wholly synergistic approach to this special project. Great sacrifice and hard work await, which ultimately will generate the awaited great success! 

If you want to learn more about this nationally & internationally renowned program, please contact our DOC - Jose Tamayo

Jose Tamayo

Jose Tamayo

Founder / Executive Director / Technical Director

Phone: 954.812.7991