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By Jose Tamayo, 01/23/17, 10:15AM EST


Our up and coming FUTSOC FUTALAN Yellow U12 squad entered the South Florida Spring Soccer Invitational. A tournament which was to be directed at bronze level teams, was ultimately comprised of a mix of varying team levels, which in the end, proved quite interesting.

Our young squad entered the event, playing a side from Miami, known as South Dade Elite FC. A very strong performance by our boys, gave way to a convincing 5::1 victory. The team kept great form and transitioned very effectively, and on the strength of tallies by Alvaro Atias, Dominic Bryner, Daniel Espinosa, Zachary Filene and Felipe Caldera, kept the opponent under control the entire match. It was a very complete effort by our team.

Moving on to our second match, we were clearly unprepared for the play level of our opponent – Arsenal FC from Cape Coral, which was undoubtedly a division one squad placed in the grouping. The opponent, struck early and with uncommon frequency, leading to a 0::3 deficit for our boys at half time. Adjustments by our coaching staff at the midpoint inspired our team to a rejuvenated second half as we struck with two goals (Luis Colangelo on a blistering direct kick from 30 yards out and Felipe Caldera on a well-placed penalty kick from the spot). The final a very disappointing 2:5 score, but a positive result in light of the opponent’s level of play.

The final match of the event for our proud boys, was a semi-final match against one of the top teams in the state – European FC. Our team came out firing on all cylinders and gave the much more experienced squad a very difficult time, holding the powerful team to a scoreless draw through the midpoint of the first half, only to give up a long range free kick shot from 35 yards out and a 0::1 deficit at the half. The second half saw our inspired boys equalize on the strength of another powerful shot by Luis Colangelo from outside the area. Wearing thin, from the three matches in less than 24 hours and the opponent smashing two upper angle shots, the result was a very inspired and promising 1::3 final.

Effusive compliments from the opposing coaching staff, the referees and those present, along with our staff’s recognition of the valiant and most impressive performance by our novice squad, marks a very exciting foundation on which to build for the future. Congratulations to our FUTALAN YELLOW U12 for such inspiring performances.