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Club Philosophy

FUTSOC…in its purest form, we are an integral essence of youth soccer.  We embody true principles of life, in conjunction with an honest, dedicated approach to teaching the beautiful game.

In an era where so much emphasis is placed on winning above all else, FUTSOC is entirely concerned with presenting youths with an environment where learning the technical and tactical aspects of the game are foremost. In presenting our curriculum, we ultimately stress the fulfillment and enjoyment of the game. The concept of developing players, while one of the salient objectives of a soccer club, have become more a “catch phrase” for many youth soccer organizations -  some which are bent on employing this as a marketing tool to expand their player base and thus profitability. Other organizations are very sincere in their product model presentation, but may lack sufficient knowledge and experience in order to provide the necessary level of education. Then there are others, much like FUTSOC, which modestly address the very essence of what is central to enhancing the participant’s experience…FUN!

At FUTSOC, we understand that for a young child to genuinely absorb, process and develop its full potential, it is primordial to thoroughly enjoy every aspect of the game. If the game is not FUN to a child, then the interest level and dedication to the same diminish entirely, resulting in a premature exit from the game.

In carrying out our mission with youths, there are nine salient characteristics which we will not alter or deviate from, and more so, we entirely stress in our teachings so that our youths reach their highest potential. These are: dedication, sensitivity, sacrifice, consistency, honesty, patience, passion, sportsmanship and humility.

Our resolve is in inculcating these noble values, which are inherently qualitative. Our propose is to help develop not only a quality player, but more importantly, a substantive young man possessing of deep rooted values who will ultimately become an important member of society at all levels. We are focused on guiding our youths to attain not only the heights in their performance of the game, but also target educational objectives as the most significant long term goal.

Mission Statement

To become an integral extension of the central core influences of a child’s life, enhancing their personal and athletic development through the assimilation of our sound teachings and philosophies, so that they mature into the most positive social influences in all their future endeavors.