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Carlos Pan

I spent over 5 years playing for FUTSOC and can look back and say the club played a major role in my development as a player and as a person. In many ways FUTSOC is more than a club, stretching beyond the game of soccer Jose Tamayo cares for his players on a personal level. He often implements life lessons into his training and coaching philosophy. I consolidated some of my deepest friendships playing for FUTSOC and created memories that will last me a lifetime. If you’re looking for a status quo youth soccer program that’s going to toss your child into a soccer factory and spit them out on the other side as a typical player then this is not the club for you. Many youth programs focus on immediate returns and not on the development of players. This is not the case at FUTSOC. While some clubs only use bigger, faster players at the youth levels. FUTSOC develops all kinds of players, emphasizing technique and team work ethic over pure physicality. Not going to lie, as a U-14 player my FUTSOC team struggled. We were bullied by other teams that were much bigger and faster than we were. During one bad season, we lost nearly all our games. While most clubs would have discarded us a “C” level team, Coach Jose placed us in the 1st division of every competition we entered. Despite our struggles as a team, he believed in us. Only a few years later our team had accomplished once seemingly out of reach goals. All with primarily the same core group of players.  That’s amazing in a youth soccer climate where players constantly switch from team to team hoping to pursue their own individualistic goals. At FUTSOC it’s a developmental process, and if you’re willing to commit to the process you will come out on the other end as a better player and a better person.

Carlos Pan

Former FUTSOC player

Mike Wolfe

Over the past 12 years, my son Kevin has played on 4 different top 20 ranked in the USA teams and I have been a coach for a number of other top level teams. Also I do U/16 and U/18 Boys rankings for “National Soccer Ranking”, so I have been closely associated with or have watched play almost all of the top U/18 teams in the USA.

After seeing this FUTSOC USA team that Kevin plays with, compete at a number of top level tournaments, I would rate it as one of the very best in the USA. The speed of play, attacking mentality, technical skill, and passion for the game displayed by the players is exceptional and matches or exceeds what I have seen from the national champions of the past 3 years for this age group. In the head to head matchups that I have seen between FUTSOC USA and the teams that made the final four in the USYSA National Championships, FUTSOC USA has always been equally or more competitive and usually have outplayed and defeated these teams. FUTSOC USA is a pleasure to watch play as technical skill, possession and quick play, are greatly emphasized over the pure physical play employed by many teams.

I also have to state that the team atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming. The team’s Head Coach Jose Tamayo, treats everyone like they are close family and the team’s core players are outgoing and quickly integrate new players into the team. Jose clearly understands the game and how it should be played and communicates brilliantly with players and parents. Jose challenges the players to develop to their greatest potential by competing at the top premier elite tournaments across the USA and in foreign countries and is active in promoting the players with colleges and professional teams. Overall, I would highly recommend FUTSOC USA for top players that are serious and passionate about soccer.

Mike Wolfe
National Youth Scout
NSR - National Soccer Rankings
USSF National Scout

Juan Lemos

I took a year of soccer off and I really regretted it. I went back to soccer and was selected to play at a D2 school named Montevallo University. Due to the fact that I attended there and had only a mediocre season, as I did not report with the fitness I needed to succeed, I proposed to myself to find a program that could give me the results and the edge I needed to show up in college for my second year. After hearing so much about the FUTSOC pre-college training from other players who had undergone the training in other years with so much success, I got together with Coach Tamayo and asked him to prepare and train me for my return to top level college soccer. To be able to train with Coach Tamayo was a blessing for me, because he dedicated all the time in the world to me all summer long and made me a much better player and physicaly a stronger, faster, quicker player because of his intense training. It is so very hard, but I was dedicated to the program and Coach Tamayo devoted himself to me too.

Not only did Coach Tamayo teach me running tactics and got me into great shape in just 5 weeks, but he also taught me so much with his knowledge of soccer, training and life in general. He talked about the history of soccer, he history and methods about training, and so much more while he was training me, which made it even more fun for all of us. I liked this technique so much, because I would not have to focus on the pain and strain of training, but would be distracted by the stories he told us.

With everything said, Coach Tamayo's FUTSOC USA Pre-college training is one of a kind. If you show him that you are willing to work hard and dedicate yourself to the program, he will make a 5-star player out of you with his training methods, dedication and knowledge. It would be a be great pleasure to work with Coach Tamayo again in the future to prepare for the next seasons.

Thank you very much Coach.

Juan Lemos
Cypress Bay HS - State Runner-up
Weston Fury SC Premier
All - Broward County - 1st Team Selection
State of Florida ODP 2003/2004/2005


Leo Vega

In my opinion, what is endeavored with FUTSOC USA, is a tremendous personal effort on the part of Technical Director / Manager Jose Tamayo. Participation year in and year out, at the highest levels of youth soccer in the USA, in series, events, and tournaments of national prominence and the highest level ranking, afford his players access to the necessary elite competitive levels and extraordinary exposure needed to attain recognition from the top colleges and universities. These are excellent opportunities which normally would be unattainable, were it not for his unyielding efforts and dedication. Similarly, these same would not be accessible to many players due to the high cost of education, and thus consistently have served to provide his players, with myriad quantifiable avenues into a future as student athletes at many of the most prominent higher learning institutions in the country, and as players contemplating a future at the highest levels of the game in the US and abroad.

Congratulations for such a worthy effort and continue on forward, my good friend!!

Leo Vega
ESPN Columnist and Radio Host
DOC - Davie Sharks
Respected Retired International Professional Player
USL ODP Region Youth Coach / Coaching Director
Nova Southeastern University - Assistant Coach (1997-present)
Sports News Contributor / Sun Sentinal Newspaper


The Tamayo family has been there for me since I was in middle school. They have cared for, nourished, and enriched my play and interest in the sport. I have grown with them, playing on various teams of theirs, for over five years. They truly care about creating a fun environment where you can develop your skills. Make no mistake, it's not easy training with them, but training shouldn't be easy in the first place. I was never in better shape than when I showed up to practice every day, rain or shine and honed my skills through a myriad of drills that pushed me to my limit. I am so grateful for my time spent with them, and I look forward to the day I can return once again.

Former FUTSOC player


Out of all my years playing youth soccer and the various programs I participated in, FUTSOC USA is the only one that I can truly say that it has special qualities that will take student athletes to the next level on and off the field. Coach Jose Tamayo and his sons who have worked along his side for years made my youth special. I participated in many summer and winter campus plus playing a few seasons for their travel team. Their number one focus was player development and growth which is something you do not see in many clubs nowadays. With FUTSOC, not only did we have many victories under our belts but we were taught life lessons that we carry unto our life's such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and proper work ethic. FUTSOC has helped shaped many young boys into fine adults such as myself. Thanks to FUTSOC, I was not only able to grow as a player, but I was able to attend the University of North Florida, take on various leadership positions, and network with various individuals I have met because I played for the club. I highly recommend all players and parents to check out FUTSOC.

David Manjarres
Former FUTSOC player
Founder of University of North Florida Pick Up Soccer Club


FUTSOC is a one of the premier clubs in South Florida. With a small family milieu present in the club and the top competition in the country it is the ideal setting for the development for youth soccer players. The coaching staff have personal relationships with all the players, which does not only translate to better performance on the pitch, but also building character off it. For players that are interested in taking their game to collegiate or even the professional level, FUTSOC is the place to be. We have participated in Dallas Cup, Potomac Memorial Tournament, NYC Cup Showcase and many more top-level showcases and tournaments. Being located in South Florida, there is no better place to experience the game of soccer or futbol in the entire United States. It's a melting pot in terms of culture and in terms of soccer. FUTSOC is a smaller club that has already received national recognition, it's very exciting for what the following years have in store with the growth of this great club. FUTSOC is the premier club not only to mature and groom great players, but to also transform teenagers into young men!


FUTSOC es para nosotros  parte de la familia desde que nuestros hijos tenian 5 y  8 ańos , a travez de sus campamentos de verano y luego de sus equipos . La experiencia con FUTSOC va mas alla del deporte , desarrollando en nuestros hijos valores importantes para la vida, agradecida que despues de 15 ańos Diego siga siendo parte de ustedes!

Alexandra Carranque

FUTSOC a sido un equipo que ademas de enseñar compromiso, responsabilidad y disiplina a mis hijos, ha sido como parte de mi familia. Sus entrenadores son unos jovenes sensacionales dignos de ejemplo para nuestros hijos. No solo es importante el equipo, sino tambien la aptitud de los coaches, que les enseñen compañerismo, solidaridad y principios…cosas muy importantes a la hora de educar a nuestros hijos. FUTSOC tiene un ambiente increible, tus hijos crecen y seguiran siendo parte de FUTSOC. Gracias FUTSOC por haber sido colaborador en la educacion de mis hijos.


Alexandra Carranque

Parent of existing FUTSOC player


FUTSOC is more than just a soccer team, it's a second family. You don't only learn and practice how to play soccer at an incredible level, but you're instilled great values that you learn to apply to your everyday life.

Luis Fernandez

Ex-FUTSOC player


My testimonial!  It began back in my early coaching days at HCA, when our opponent Sagemont School, coached by Jose turned out to be more than a game. It brought us close together through the character and integrity that both teams displayed on the field and our friendship grew from there.  We learned that we had a passion for the beautiful game, not just for victories, but development of our players while we tried to instill respect for each other before & after the games…and through the years we supported each other at the club level.  We shared ideas, players and with an unselfish approach we helped players reach the next level.  From experience, I recommend that players reach out to the FUTSOC program if they want an honest evaluation of where their game actually is and what they need to focus on to improve. As stated above, Jose, his family and all of the FUTSOC staff will treat you with full respect, look out for your best interests and will give you an honest evaluation while doing what's required to help those that want to help themselves reach their goal.  Thanks for everything!

Darryl Mauro
DM at (EFU) East Florida United

"Soli Deo Gloria"

Jose Carranque

FUTSOC is a fantastic club where a player can work his way up to the highest level. With Jose Tamayo's expertise in the sport, there is no excuse for failure. I played in the club for two seasons where I played in several tournaments in which we reached the finals in several of them. The rigorous training which I was put through certainly made me and my teammates play at our top level. The close relationships I made with my teammates and coaches made it feel like I was with a family at the club. The coaches are the best out of any clubs I have been with and they will always be there to support you on your efforts.

Chris Pereira

My name is Chris Pereira I played with FUTSOC ENIGMA for a season. And honestly one of the best travel seasons I've played. Great coaching staff, they care about each player as a soccer player and individual. I experienced the best soccer play with this team and best top tournaments around the United States. FUTSOC is a great club to play at and I strongly recommend it and that is my testimony. 

Current FUTSOC ENIGMA player

Federico Ucar

Mi experiencia con FUTSOC ENIGMA no fue solo una experiencia futbolística sino que también social y cultural.

Hablando específicamente de lo futbolístico tanto yo como cualquier otra persona que nos haya visto quedamos impresionados con la excelente clase de jugadores que había en el equipo, con la competencia sana que había entre los jugadores y del buen manejo del balón del cual ninguno carecía. Sumado a todo esto el gran conocimiento táctico y futbolístico en todo sentido del cuerpo técnico, que con una formación poco habitual lograron deslumbrar a todos.

Lo lindo de este deporte quedo representado en este viaje, por lo menos para mí, a pesar de haber jugadores de muchos lados del mundo, con sus respectivas tradiciones y su respectivos lenguajes, dentro de la cancha todos hablábamos el mismo idioma, a tal punto en que nos convirtió a todos en amigos dentro y fuera de la cancha, donde la estadía con todos fue tan buena que me hicieron sentir como en casa a pesar de estar demasiado lejos de ella. 

Y para terminar, no me quedan más palabras de agradecimientos a quienes fueron mis coaches, amigos y padres al mismo tiempo en tan solo unos pocos días. Antes de partir hacia la Dallas Cup tuve la mala suerte de dislocarme el hombro derecho, y tanto José como Francisco Tamayo no hicieron más que preocuparse y de encargarse de todo mis asuntos médicos en relación al hombro, sin mencionar todo el apoyo moral que me brindaron y como respetaron todas mis decisiones sin hacer ni un gesto. Desde tan lejos les llevaron tranquilidad a mis padres. Por eso y mucho más estaremos yo y mi familia agradecidos con ellos.


Waylands Baptist University

Current  FUTSOC ENIGMA player


Being a part of FUTSOC it was a great experience, it was nothing but love, it’s more than just soccer. The coaches treat us like it's family, as most other clubs that I played for they only cared about the money.  FUTSOC understood my situation and helped me to make it all work out...and the coaches played a father role and were there for the players all the time, not only for soccer. It’s a super organized program, where the coaches know what they're doing to make the players grow and become better players and better young men. There are no superstar on the teams and the coaches treat everybody the same. Every game that have I played for FUTSOC I enjoyed every moment.”

Former FUTSOC player


Estimado José Tamayo quiero agradecer y felicitar a FUTSOC por el trato brindado a los chicos de nuestra Academia, por su cordialidad y responsabilidad cuando les tocó viajar a competir con Uds. Fue una experiencia muy enriquecedora que seguramente los hará crecer como personas y deportistas. Te cuento que ya varios de ellos están encaminando sus estudios en diferentes universidades de ese país y eso en gran parte es gracias a Uds.

Desde ya están abiertas las puertas de nuestra academia aquí para cuando gusten tener una experiencia de fútbol en nuestro país. Uruguay es un lugar en el mundo muy chico pero de gran corazón que los recibirá con alegría y en donde podrán experimentar vivencias de fútbol que sólo son comprendidas si las conoces desde adentro.

Un fuerte abrazo y nos vemos en Septiembre

Julio De Armas

Carlos Santos

First, I want to say that it is a pleasure to speak of Jose Tamayo to be a great professional and together with his family has contributed to develop football in the United States. I wish you always success and may God bless your path very much.

Carlos Santos 

Director - Soccer Inter United - APSL  League 
Former U20 Brasil National Team player

Rio Ramirez

FUTSOC ENIGMA is a high-level club located in Florida. They are known for their ability to recruit from the best talent available. Their accomplishments are reflected through the amount of trophies collected throughout the years and through their success into getting their players into college. 

Coach Tamayo understands that in order for the youth to become a stronger and more complete player they have to make mistakes and learn from them. His coaching strategy is more focused on the tactical part during the game, allowing the player to create and develop their own style of play.

Alejandro Gonzalez

Our son joined the FUTSOC family more than 6 years ago. We were looking for a Team with true family orientation, with high values and respect for each player as individuals for the team and for the teams they would be playing with. José and his sons, Francisco, Mandy and Carlo truly care in personalized and professional way for each kid from the Bambinos to the Elite Enigma teams. For us is that, a family

Andrew Faith

It was quite refreshing bumping into you and Coach Francisco. I have always considered FUTSOC to have had a great impact in my development as a young adult. After having been riddled throughout my childhood with coaches who only cared about “winning” than to help develop the children of the community, FUTSOC was the first place (and unfortunately probably one of only a handful in the community) where the leadership actually cared for the development of the individual person and not just the “athlete” as many other programs would. My father always held you and your sons in the highest regard and he would constantly remind me of how much he admired how hard you guys worked and that you guys always did so with integrity. I am eternally grateful for the healthy friendships I have made at FUTSOC especially with the famous Jesus Delgado, who is currently serving our great country in the United States Air Force. Nonetheless, I hope the new generation at FUTSOC take full advantage of all the lessons to be learned from you guys.

Former FUTSOC Player

Fernando Lacerda

The Tamayo family and FUTSOC have been essential in my life and the lives of many.

Coach Jose for being the heart and soul of this club, Coaches Francisco, Carlo and Armando for their passion of the sport, determination in developing their young players and most importantly their commitment to teaching values to all players and campers that are used in and out the field.

All of their efforts are shown during their intense but efficient practices, during matches when FUTSOC comes out victorious and the strong reputation the club has developed all over the country due to their appearance in major tournaments like Dallas Cup, Florida Cup, Disney Showcase and many more challenging tournaments.

I had the pleasure to be a FUTSOC player once and to grow in the club as well. To be part of FUTSOC is much more than being part of a football club, it's about being part of a family with members that motivate each other to always perform better and to do the right thing. I can definitely say that the best moments of my soccer days as a child to today as an adult were, and continue to be spent with my old teammates, the club and the Tamayo family.

Former FUTSOC Player


Mi hijo fue invitado en Abril 2017 por FUTSOC a participar en el DALLAS CUP y la experiencia que tuvo fue inolvidable.

Desde el punto de vista deportivo, todo fue excelente, el nivel de los entrenamientos, la idea de cómo jugar fútbol, el respeto por el deporte y los compañeros. El nivel futbolístico que tuvieron fue estupendo, terminando el campeonato sin haber perdido un solo partido.

Pero lo más importante, fue cómo lo recibieron e integraron al grupo. Nosotros vivimos en Uruguay, y a pesar de la distancia, en FUTSOC lo recibieron con mucho entusiasmo y amistad, de tal manera que se creó una sinergia inmediata, y él se sintió como en casa.

Muchas gracias a sus compañeros, pero en especial a José y Francisco Tamayo, que hicieron posible que nosotros como padres tuviésemos toda la tranquilidad de que nuestro hijo estaba cuidado como en casa, y gracias por darle la oportunidad a él de pasar una experiencia inolvidable, tanto a nivel deportivo, como humano.

Parent of Current FUTSOC ENIGMA player

Leandro Bolanos

Under Coach Tamayo's guidance, I was able to play for The Sagemont School from 10th grade until my senior year. Even though I only spent those three seasons, I can confidently say that my skills as a player had significantly increased and it has made me into the player I am today. Besides making you a better player, the Tamayo family have been more than just coaches. They are mentors that I look up to and can always come to them for anything. They have been one of the most impactful people in my life.

Andrea Burghardt

My son Francisco played for FUTSOC for several years. Jose Tamayo and his sons are wonderful persons, not only interested in having and developing winning teams, but also to serve as role models for our children. These wonderful coaches have had a great impact on our children, from young their very young ages until they go to college and still, keep in touch with them and are always there for advice, either for soccer or personal matters. Personally, I can't thank Jose enough for everything he helped out through the years with my son.

DJ Lima

Well I'm going to try my best not to write a whole essay, but it's hard when you're writing about a premier futbol (soccer) club such as FUTSOC. They have an impeccable reputation for producing top of the line footballers and running a prestigious club.

From the first practice I went to with FUTSOC, I could tell they are a different type of club. They embrace players and make you feel very comfortable regardless of your skill level. It just happens to be that every single player was highly skilled. All jokes aside, they quickly became my family. We just had so much fun, constantly traveling to top ranked tournaments all over the United States. Coach Jose has an infectious positive attitude and it showed through the players on and off the field; we were able to play through adversity and always put up a fight. Coach Jose inspires good ethics, respect, and camaraderie amongst his players.

Now let's talk about the soccer aspect of FUTSOC. All I can say is "ONE OF A KIND". FUTSOC is one of the most reputable clubs around, and they have a great track record full of silverware (trophies). During my time at FUTSOC we found success at several Disney Showcase tournaments and other national showcases, CASL, Score at the Shore, Jefferson Cup, and many other tournaments. We were a force to be reckoned with nationally, and I absolutely loved it. Playing for FUTSOC improved my life by giving me the exposure I needed to earn a soccer scholarship. I remember shortly after a tournament (sad to say I don't remember the name of that tournament, only because we went on so many), I received a call from Barry University with an offer for a full ride. Barry is a private university that cost about $31,000 a year. That is the power of FUTSOC, the ability to give hard working student athletes an opportunity for a better future.

In addition, FUTSOC produces some of the best talent in Florida, which attracts other gifted soccer players. Coach Jose increased my IQ of the game, which made a significant difference in how to approach the game. The training sessions always pushed me to improve, even though it was hot as hell sometimes. Also, constantly playing with top class players added new elements to my game. Several of these players are playing at the professional level right now. That's just to show you the type of soccer environment we were around with FUTSOC.

However for me, FUTSOC is more than just a soccer club, it's a learning and teaching experience that made me a better person and a better athlete.


DJ Lima
FUTSOC Player 2004-2008


Ivan "Gio" Velez

FUTSOC USA ENIGMA has trained me to be in the very best condition of my youth soccer career. After four years with this great club which I love so much, which played at almost every one of the top elite tournaments in the U.S. (like Disney Showcase, Raleigh Shootout, Jefferson Cup, Baltimore College Showcase, Disney Youth International Cup and Score at the Shore College Showcase), I then graduated and moved on for my experience as a college player in Missouri, attending one of the premier college teams in the country on a full scholarship.

Not only has my training and player development prepared me for a greatly successful career with FUTSOC USA ENIGMA, but it has also allowed me to arrive and establish myself in college way ahead of most players at the college level. The FUTSOC training during all our year-round regular seasons were extremely intense and blistering. Everyday was tough with different agility drills, anaerobic, anaerobic, small sided strategic games, and top of the line drills from coaches years of experience and many of the latest from professional clubs around the world that he felt would benefit us. Most of our training sessions were in the morning and then again in the afternoon, with many scrimmages at night.

After all the training for the past seasons, and having played more than 30 tournaments around the country (where we either won, were finalist or semi-finalist in most), we began our intensive pre-college preparation program sessions. Now these's practices were more involved with ball work and skills. We had so many small-sided games and speed drills which consist of different agility methods, parachute running, resistance training, plyometrics, endurance and power speed. Overall, the this FUTSOC training made me an even stronger player with the fitness level that makes me superior to most college players. The training also helped build my body to hold up against stronger, bigger, and taller players, and has allowed me to keep both my body and mind in focus.

I can't thank my dear friend Coach Jose and his FUTSOC USA club enough, for everything it has meant for me and what it has done for me both as a player and a human being. I am so very proud to be a FUTSOC player now and always.

Ivan "Gio" Velez
USL Super Y League - Regional Select
All - Broward County Selection 2006/2007
Team MVP - 2006/2007

Joe Conlon / Bruce Bindler

FUTSOC USA ENIGMA...what can we say? Three years ago the tournament committee took a chance on an unknown name and team, and accepted the boys to play at our prestigious summer event. To our complete surprise and against all odds, they ended up finalists, finishing as co-Champions in our major bracket level, as the final was cut short due to extremely inclement weather. This group of fine young men and their head coach Jose Tamayo, have never let us down in any Score at the Shore events, in which they have consistently participated in. They have consistently finished in the top three at all our events, winning the tournament  on four occasions. Furthermore, the boys have always represented themselves as perfect gentleman on and off the field, expectations which are firmly established by the fine organization they form a part of. The coaching talents and efforts were never more evident than this summer in Greensboro, when they lost a hard fought match, 2-1 to a top four nationally ranked Solar 90 team coached by Kevin Smith. This was without a doubt, one of the finest games I personally have ever seen at our tournaments. Jose is a man of his word, and we look forward to seeing ENIGMA and his younger teams in our events in years to come!

Joe Conlon
Boys Director - Score At The Shore

Bruce Bindler
Girls Director - Score At The Shore


Todo comenzó cuando quisimos que nuestros hijos empezaran a jugar fútbol, ​​y un día decidimos inscribirlos en el camp de FUTSOC, desde ese día notamos que nuestros hijos se mostraban motivados para ir a la practica y al mismo tiempo estaban mas felices cada día.

Ya han pasado 5 anos desde ese día y para nosotros ha sido una experiencia excelente con FUTSOC, son parte de nuestra familia, en especial para nuestros hijos. Una experiencia que ha sido y será siempre una parte muy importante en su vida.  Sus entrenadores y el trato hacia nuestros hijos ha sido excepcional, como seres humanos tienen un gran corazón y con una excelente dedicación. Que más puedes pedir de una academia de fútbol: profesionales con buen trato hacia tus hijos y familia, además de una entrega de mas de 120% en el entrenamiento.

Gracias FUTSOC por formar parte de nuestras vidas, los queremos mucho y los respetamos como coaches y seres humanos que son. Esperamos compartir muchos años más juntos, llenos de éxitos.”

Silvia Trevisiol y Familia

Parent of current FUTSOC Bambinos Academy and FUTSOC Youth Academy players


Through the years, FUTSOC and Deerfield Beach High School boys soccer have maintained a great relationship. Coach Jose Tamayo of FUTSOC and I joined forces a few of years back, in a great effort to provide young talented players from Deerfield Beach High School with the platform to play elite level travel soccer at the highest levels. The objective, to provide these fine young student athletes with opportunities to be exposed to college and pro scouts from around the country. What FUTSOC provided to those players was priceless. Through their effort and expertise, some of the boys were able to secure college scholarships and most importantly, some important life/character lessons.

Frantz Edouard
Deerfield Beach High School
Varsity Boy’s Head Coach


I could go on for days about how great FUTSOC has been for me, but I will try to keep it as simple as possible. I have been a part of FUTSOC for about 14 years now. When I was just a young aspiring 6 year-old who loved soccer, my favorite part of coming from Venezuela to the USA was attending the annual FUTSOC Summer Camp Program. My brother and I attended every year and the experience kept on getting better. The relationship we built with the Tamayo family was truly priceless. As time went by, I believed in the vision and focus FUTSOC had and always bothered Jose regarding starting a club for all the campers to play in. I was just a young camper from ages 6-10. I then moved on to be an official FUTSOC player from ages 11-19 and those were the best years of my life. This wasn’t just a club interested in the money or winning every game. The core principles behind the philosophy of the club was to improve and have fun. Of course, we lost many games in the pilot years of the club, but it just grew from there. This prestigious academy is more than just a club; it is a family. Not too many clubs seem to follow this path. I am now a licensed coach for the club because it is only fair to pass all my experience and expertise I have learned from FUTSOC to today’s youth. After all, they are the future of today’s soccer world, so it is vital that they have the right jump start to their soccer journey. Lastly, I consider every one that has taken a part in FUTSOC or is currently in it more than just a friend. They are like my second family and I am honored and grateful to have taken a part and continuing my soccer fever here at FUTSOC.

Former FUTSOC ENIGMA player and Current FUTSOC Coach


Nuestro testimonio es el siguiente:  Estamos muy contentos y orgullosos de ser parte de FUTSOC familia. Daniel tuvo la oportunidad de jugar y de mejorar su técnica con la ayuda de todos los coaches y siempre fue motivado a tener buenas notas del colegio. Y lo más importante que siempre mi hijo fue tratado con mucho respeto y cariño , como si fuera un hijo personal del Señor Tamayo.

I recommend this program and the Tamayo family highly.”

Reinaldo Atilano

FUTSOC is a soccer club that has positively impacted my son Daniel Atilano since childhood. Not only referring to the sport itself, but to the values ​​that are infused in the club thanks to their Coach Jose Tamayo and sons. Today, families have lost the connections because of so many responsibilities, tensions, distractions imposed by the modern life. The discipline of this sport, like the challenges, make young and children to form a nature of their own formation, and of companionship, which helps the team to unite as a group and share triumphs, as defeats. My family perceive FUTSOC Club, not only as a sports club in the art of soccer, but as an activity that the family enjoys among friends, and that strengthens relationships parents, children and friends. In the years that we have shared in the club in championships, practices, trips, and events from the most basic to professionals, each time we are convinced that it has been successful to have belonged to FUTSOC.  My son, currently teaches, share and brings the values ​​infused into the club, and have helped him to be more prepared in football as in his personal life. We have seen how this club has achieved levels of preparation that have led the guys to work as a team getting the top regional, state and national places are their categories. All this is due to an ingredient that not many clubs know how to sow in their members as is constancy, discipline and respect.  Our thanks to Coach Jose and his son's, who we consider true friends and part of our family in the professional and personal training of my son Daniel.  A big hug to all who make up part of Club FUTSOC.

Reinaldo Atilano / Parent of  current FUTSOC ENIGMA player


FUTSOC is more than just a team, is a family...where the passions run deep in the veins". Where it is not just about the individual’s performance, but more about learning from each other and persevering as a team. It doesn’t matter the skill level, what matters how bad you want to improve yourself as a player.

Former FUTSOC ENIGMA player

Miguel Valle

FUTSOC coaches are more than just trainers and coaches, they and the players make a great family. Children not only enjoy their favorite sport, but enjoy the atmosphere that is experienced every day. Our son Miguel belongs to the FUTSOC family from 8 years old and 7 years later, continues to enjoy the teachings and love that each of the technical team members put into the players.

Parent of current FUTSOC player

Antton de Arbeloa

I’ve been at FUTSOC since I was 9 years old and I have nothing but amazing experiences to share. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect a soccer program to shape my life as FUTSOC did. The unparalleled care and true interest taken in each and every club member by the entire Tamayo family is nothing short of exceptional. Coach Tamayo and his spectacular sons made me feel like family ever step of the way. The Tamayos were always there for me to speak to and lend a helping hand. On top of being some of the best individuals I know, the soccer expertise and skill displayed by the coaching staff is nothing short of world class. Now that I am in college and I look back to all the memories I made at FUTSOC I can without a doubt state that I was a member of one of the most elite and worthwhile sports programs in the world.


FUTSOC, thanks to Coach Jose Tamayo and the rest of the Tamayo family, has nearly perfected in my eyes what a club’s philosophy should really be about. I have been a part of the FUTSOC family for several years now, playing for both FUTALAN and occasionally representing ENIGMA, and in every training session, scrimmage, and game FUTSOC’s purpose has been clear – development.

All players in FUTSOC can attest to the fact that FUTSOC isn’t merely just a club, it is more like a home to players of all ages wishing to compete at the highest level. However, though many clubs seek the same results what sets FUTSOC apart is the staff’s willingness to work closely with every type of player to overcoming weaknesses and fine-tune strengths. If results aren’t showing immediately, FUTSOC doesn’t disregard the players who aren’t preforming, rather the coaches here focus on using every opportunity to teach their players on how to overcome any blockade whether it is mental, physical, or technical.

Every aspect of FUTSOC serves a purpose in developing their players, and out of all the clubs I have represented in South Florida, only FUTSOC has provided the care and attention necessary to elevate my game exponentially. The coaching staff at FUTSOC has been tremendous throughout all my years at this club, and each coach carries a crucial role that they have mastered over the years to get the best out of their players.

FUTSOC has proven to me to be the best club for development and enjoyment, and though this was my final year at this club, I will always be a part of the FUTSOC family.


The FUTSOC club is really a special place to develop a player. They not only develop his or her soccer skills but life skills as well. My son started at the age of 14. It began at the summer soccer camp. He was playing during the year in another program that people think is the best. I can tell you different. I showed my son FUTSOC's past posted records (they don't hide it) on their web site. His words were "I don't care about their record. They care about me". FUTSOC may not be the biggest club but the coaching attention each player receives is amazing. Even as they've gotten bigger the individual attention is still provided to each player. My son was given opportunities other clubs don't give players. They went from a below average team to the number 1 team in the United States. I believe, no I know, it's because the focus is placed on developing the players from the most basic fundamentals to the highest skills and tactics of soccer. The focus is not on winning. They believe in learning the game and developing each players skill set, and winning will take care of itself. Fundamentally sound teams are successful teams.  We are a very competitive family and it was a hard concept to grasp but boy we now understand their philosophy. My son is now playing Division 1 soccer at the university. I wish I had more kids as I will really miss this soccer family that welcomes all into their world. Don't miss this opportunity. You need an open mind because they have open hearts.

Parent of former FUTSOC ENIGMA player 

Marco "Mike" Wehrhahn

Per als jugadors, pels jugadors. The FUTSOC “slogan” holds a great deal of truth to it. FUTSOC's understanding of how to get the best out of a player stems from their coaching staffs experience as players. They understand players more so than players understand themselves. The rigorous training that comes from this philosophy goes a long way in player development. I was never the biggest or most outspoken player, I was often even overlooked because of my appearance. Quiet players aren’t often perceived as leaders. Quiet people in general aren’t perceived as leaders. Coach Jose Tamayo’s faith in my abilities allowed me to do my speaking on the field and through hard work, lead my team by example. I matured greatly during my tenure at FUTSOC. I can only speak to my experience with FUTSOC, and from my experience I can say that I found a second family with the club. Both in the coaching staff, and my old teammates (now lifelong friends). FUTSOC gave me the opportunity to travel the country with their elite FUTSOC ENIGMA team and display my abilities to college coaches from around the country. FUTSOC propelled me to success on the national level as part of FUTSOC ENIGMA's #1 ranked team in the nation. I was also selected as an all-county player for both the Miami Herald and the Sun-Sentinel. I will be eternally grateful to FUTSOC and Jose Tamayo for the massive role they played in my development, and the success that I had as a youth player.

University of Central Florida  and Current FUTSOC ENIGMA player

Diego Ortiz

When I started FUTSOC I had two left feet and was very insecure with the ball. I was fearful of making mistakes on the pitch that would cost the team a loss. Coach Jose Tamayo saw something in me that I did not see in myself. He gave me the assurance that with hard work and patience I will become the center back he envisioned. Coach Jose never gave up on me. He's the hardest working man I know. He will be loyal to you if you are loyal to him. Show him you want it bad and he will open the doors for you. Coach Jose was more than just a coach he always guided me in the right direction and kept my self-esteem high. He believed in me and that fed my motivation and hunger to succeed. In two years I lost my fear with the ball, learned to defend correctly, and most importantly wasn't afraid to make mistakes. I became  fearless. FUTSOC isn't just a club, it's a family. Everyone looks out for each other and you succeed together not just individually. Defeat will occur but coach Jose taught us to be resilient and never give up. He would keep our heads high and remind us about the shirt we represent. Play with honor, respect, and most importantly have a smile while playing. To whoever carries the number 6 jersey. Play with strength, pride, and honor. Be fearless. Make mistakes. Overcome. That's what FUTSOC Is about!

Ex-FUTSOC player - Diego Ortiz #6

George Cunha

I have been part of numerous soccer organizations including amateur and professional clubs, schools, and universities and therefore I have experienced for years of my life the difference faces of coaches, directors, and teammates. I joined FUTSOC when I was 16 years old when my old club (Boca Raton Juniors) merged my age group team with FUTSOC's. The experience I had with Coach Tamayo, Mandy, and Carlos really made my experience with the team great. It was great when I was 16 years old and it was even greater when I won a national U19 tournament with FUTSOC after a year of college experience. At that time, I was coming back from a huge shoulder injury and was very far from my peak as an athlete. Coach Tamayo believed in me and took me along for the tournament as he understood I could heavily influence the team with my experience. Not only did I help with my experience but the team helped me get my confidence up for a future second season of college. As I have mentioned, I have seen the personal side of many professionals in the soccer world. Many of them are shady individuals with inflated egos and some are good people, but the best people I have had the pleasure to work with were Coach Tamayo and his sons. They are people of extremely good character with nothing but best interests in mind. Today, I no longer play at a high level, the shoulder injury made itself heard and I chose to play soccer only in amateur situations. I've made my peace with that! I have now fond memories of playing and I'll tell you what, some of those best memories where made playing with the FUTSOC crest on my chest.

Former FUTSOC ENIGMA player

Joshua Fentanes

It was awesome working with coach Jose! He really cares about the players and provides a high quality of training as well. I really enjoyed playing for him and winning tornaments with him. Not only does he provide great training, but he makes it fun as well.

Former FUTSOC Player

Mike Martinez

First and for most I can't begin to describe what FUTSOC has done for me. Not only did the coaching staff make it a priority to develop me as a player but I believe their biggest goal was to develop me as a whole. In their best intentions, they wanted me to become a better player on and off the field. FUTSOC has always been family orientated with loving spirits and compassion, giving it their up-most to any and every player with a dream. The coaching staff is grounded on the fact that every player can become great if their mind is put to it. Through practice and dedication, FUTSOC has given me an experience that no other club could possibly offer. If you give FUTSOC 100% they'll give you back 1000%. Coach Tamayo and his sons are known for their articulate words of wisdom, their intense/ brilliant training system, and biggest of all, their network to college and professional level scouts. Being that they have been coaching for 40 years +, the only way you wouldn't achieve your goal into becoming a college or professional athlete is if you don't want it. I'm more then blessed and thankful for all the opportunities FUTSOC has generated, not only for me but for my teammates as well. In all sincerity, thank you FUTSOC.

Former FUTSOC ENIGMA player

Fernando Ramirez

Back in the summer of 2001, Jose Tamayo invited me to participate in his already renowned FUTSOC ELITE SUMMER SOCCER PROGRAM, in the capacity of Elite Player Development Specialist. The group consisted of boys and girls in the 4 - 14 age group category.

I had worked with these age groups before at many other soccer summer camps of my own and other respected Academy Soccer programs. However, I must say that I have never witnessed the devoted and focused personal attention, exhibited by Jose to each and everyone of the members of each and every one of the programs, to include even the parents! This great sensitivity and such personal touch exhibited by him commenced the moment the children would arrive early in the morning upon being dropped off by eager parents every morning at Country Isles....Daily, Jose would arrive to the soccer program with two full car loads of children, which were originally dropped off at his house, for the ride to the fields!

One day, after taking cover at the school for a thunderstorm passing over, Jose commented that he had an idea, a dream to make his soccer program flourish, but that a name...a significant and resonant name, along with a very structured premier level training program, would be required. A program that would propel itself to not only state level, but also a national prominence. That year the USL Super Y league was born, and the name FUTSOC became the moniker, the identifying name, which would prove to be a force to reckon with! That very first year, FUTSOC entered into the prestigious league with the boys U-15 team, at the national level. On that team, which today would be the equivalent of a U-21 team, we were able to put together one of the most respected, most talented, and most powerful teams ever assembled in South Florida. A most successful season, was led by outstanding players who today play at the college level (D1, D2, D3 and NAIA) all over the country, and some even are forging productive and ever-growing, professional careers with European and South American clubs. This is a great tribute to the FUTSOC model and its detailed, sensitive methodology in player development!

For me, the experience was something most unique, which I will carry with me for a lifetime!...To learn that talent and skill, at any level, can be combined with and greatly developed, in conjunction with a sincere sensitivity, respect, and consideration to each individual youth...this is exactly what Jose has effortlessly demonstrated throughout his very extensive soccer career!

Fernando Ramirez - 

Weston FC - Pre-Academy / Head Coach 
USSF "C" Licensed Head Coach
USL Super Y League Head Coach /Regional Scout

Sebastien Ramirez

I don't know where to begin to start to talk about everything that Coach Jose Tamayo has done for the beautiful game here in Florida (especially South Florida). A true advocate of this great sport may I add, words cannot describe the accomplishments he has had with his FUTSOC USA program at all levels of elite youth soccer. Of course, it follows that nothing in life is achieved with mediocrity, and Coach Jose has never accepted but the highest levels and has only strived to be the best, and he definitely excels at what he does.

It seems like it was only yesterday, when Coach Jose was only pondering with the idea to bring something special to South Florida soccer (one of the first coaches to bring the USL Super Y league to Florida), and now it has blossomed into one of the most prominent, most respected and most feared premier elite soccer clubs in the country.

I am most proud to have been one of the original members of this outstanding soccer club, and I know Coach Jose in more than a player/coach relationship; he is a true friend and has only wanted the best success for all of his players.

Coach Jose, I wish you much success for the future and God Bless to you and your family.

Your great friend and ex-player,

Sebastian Ramirez

All - Broward County
All - State Florida Selection
Region III ODP 2003/2004/2005
USL Super Y League Select
Virginia Commonwealth University
Mallorca FC - Spain

Weston FC - Head Coach

Jonathan Albertson

Brilliant coaching along with many years of experience both playing and coaching at most all levels of play, make Coach Jose Tamayo an invaluable asset to youth soccer in America. He is so very knowledgeable, a superb motivator, and a coach who is ahead of his time. Coach Tamayo has made it his mission, to develop players in technical skills, tactical concepts and play methods, while providing them with a platform to showcase their talents around the entire country, at the most renowned tournaments. FUTSOC USA is his emblem, it his is creed, and it is there for all elite players to share in!

Jonathan Albertson
NYC FC / Statesider Soccer /UEFA Scout

Ryan "Scooby" Smith

I have competed in soccer for 14 years, and have played for many teams, across many states, but no team have I played for has changed me as a player like FUTSOC USA (we use to be known as FC Futsoc Weston). I met Jose during the year 2000, when I was a young player playing in the AYSO league. He asked me if I wanted to join a team that he was forming that would play in mostly local tournaments. I accepted the offer and went through a lot of training that would teach me most of what I know today. I played goalie for the team through 2004, and I witnessed the growth and development of this team, and I am confident when I say this team is a tremendous success. We grew from being a local team, to being a state team, offering me some very memorable moments.

Some of the best moments didn't always have to do with soccer though. Our team was a family, and I still consider them part of my family. We trained hard, and whenever we thought that our goal was beyond reach, we would pick each other up and keep going.

I still remember to this day, when FUTSOC USA and I played in the Disney Wide World of Sports tournament. I was sitting on the bench thinking about how nervous I was because it was the biggest tournament I had ever played at. The 2nd half was about to start when Coach Jose told me that I would be playing. I was very nervous but Coach Jose came up to me and told me to just have fun. I ended up playing what I consider the best game of my life (in comparison to my age). That day changed my life and the way I played soccer from then on.

In early 2004, I moved to Wisconsin. I've played for a couple of regional teams and a state team, all in which I played goalie, but none have held up to the quality of FUTSOC USA. After playing for a string of less than stellar coaches and getting the opportunity of taking college courses on top of high school, I have stopped playing soccer.

I still think about Florida a lot, FUTSOC USA primarily because it has developed me more than any other team that I have played on. I just want to thank Jose, the assistant coaches, and all of my teammates for giving me some of the best moments of my life, and if I had the opportunity, I would do it all again in a heart beat. I wish the current team the best of luck.

Ryan "Scooby" Smith
FUTSOC Player 2000-2004


FUTSOC has proven to be a great alternative to a traditional soccer club. A small club that delivers big results, in regards to pushing players to the next level.

Phil Zayas
Johnson & Wales University
Head Coach – Men’s Soccer

Daniel Najul

I have had the opportunity of playing soccer in two different countries, Venezuela (my birth place), and the US. In 2012 (When I was still living in Venezuela), I went on a summer vacation with my family to Florida. Once there I got an invitation from Coach Tamayo to assist to FUTSOC Summer Camp for two weeks. With all honesty, I can say that those 10 days were literally full of adrenaline, I improved not only technically, but physically. My understanding of the game went far beyond, I kind of started believing in myself. It only took 10 days for me to actually see this sport as something special. And it was all because for the first time in my life I started doing first level training in very sunny days. Suddenly running and doing physical exercises felt really good, it was a pleasure doing it. A few years later I moved to Weston with my family, and when I started playing soccer in a different club, I might say it was not the same as the time I had in FUTSOC. I could feel the difference there was playing for a normal soccer academy, than playing for FUTSOC. Then, a few months ago, Coach Tamayo and I made contact again, I was invited to play for the ENIGMA Club as an 18-year old. I just cannot explain my experience in a few tournaments, rival teams respected us so much, that name “FUTSOC ENIGMA” actually meant something. Coach Tamayo was able to convince some incredible players of playing for FUTSOC. After the season ended, I had also the opportunity to help FUTSOC Academy in training with the U8 and U12 teams. All I can say, is that there is a difference between being on a team, and being with a family. You could actually feel how the kids were trying to get better every day in a healthy way. You could feel how kids enjoyed playing soccer, they were having fun, and that is the whole meaning of playing soccer, we love this game because we have fun playing it, because we live it, because we make not only friends, but family.

FUTSOC is not only a soccer academy, but a family. They are not only a winning team on the field, they also win games off the field. I really enjoy those times when I have the chance to train some kids, or play for FUTSOC, I will always be grateful with Coach Tamayo, Coach Francisco, Coach Mandy, and Coach Carlo for this incredible experience. Per als jugadors, Pels jugadors”

Daniel Najul
FUTSOC ENIGMA Player 2016-2017
Radio Host at Minuto91

Munga Eketebi

I have known Jose for many years and all he has done is to give back to the game. As a former standout player, he has dedicated himself to developing, guiding and mentoring young men. He runs a first-class program and he has opened many doors to kids who didn't know where to turn.

Munga Eketebi

Manager – Men’s Soccer


Thanks to FUTSOC I was able to go to the best tournaments, with the best players around and have the best colleges watching me. Was a great experience and am grateful for all the great memories and friends I have until this day! Go FUTSOC!


Me llamo Maximiliano, y gracias a Dios tuve el honor de jugar con la gran organización de FUTSOC, dirigido por Coach José y Francisco Tamayo en el gran torneo de Dallas Cup. No vivo en Florida, pero eso no importó, desde el principio se podía sentir el ambiente de familia, y también el profesionalismo de la organización. Cuando nos juntamos en Dallas, cuando era el tornero, estuvimos enfocados como si fuéramos jugadores profesionales. Teníamos que entregar el celular, dormirnos temprano, y estar hidratándonos frecuentemente. Pero aunque nos cuidaban muy bien, también nos llevaban a conocer lugares, a partidos de otros equipos que estaban jugando el torneo, y era fantástico. Pero lo más padre de esta experiencia que nunca me olvidara y que espero en el futuro hacer otra vez, fue jugar contra un equipo brasileño, fue uno de los partidos más favoritos mío, contra el Red Bull Brasil. Por eso le agradezco mucho a los jugadores, a Francisco y José, y toda la organización en hacer mi última Copa Dallas memorable, profesional y divertida. Que Dios los bendiga, y saludos a la familia FUTSOC!

Former FUTSOC ENIGMA player

Ishtyler Etienne

FUTSOC has been an amazing experience for me in a social aspect and especially in a soccer one too. Everyone here is a family. And it all starts from the top. From coach Jose to his three sons/coaches. In my first year at FUTSOC coach Tamayo took me in as a practice player so that I could develop. He even let me play in the last tournament of the season while all the other clubs in the area rejected any new players throughout the course of the season. This is just on example of coach jose's genuine love for helping/developing players. In terms of the level of soccer here at FUTSOC , you will not be disappointed. No matter what skill level you are there is a place for you here. Whether your new to club soccer (like I was) or your looking to play soccer in college, coach Jose will most definitely put you in the best position to succeed, literally and figuratively. I came in not knowing what position I was best suited for and coach Jose pin pointed the right one for me. After a quarter of a season as a practice player plus a full season as a first team player, I am now in the process of transferring schools to play college soccer. Obviously this can only happen when you personally put in the work everyday. However, I would have NEVER had this opportunity if it wasn't for the high level that I played at in practice and tournaments every week. Along with the coach Jose and his sons personally helping me on my skills. Honestly can't thank FUTSOC enough for being so helpful with me as a player and helping me finance the various fees and payments. With hard work and FUTSOC , the sky is the limit! Vamos FUTSOC !!


To put it simply: FUTSOC is essential for any player who is trying to play in college. I was introduced to FUTSOC in high school, when Coach Tamayo approached me and invited me to play a showcase tournament outside of the state. Before this, I had played travel soccer since I was 9 years old, state cup, regionals, etc. Within the first day of my trip I realized that this was the real deal. Thanks to Coach Tamayo I was able to form part of a team who seriously competed in the country's top showcases. There were always scouts and my participation with FUTSOC led to many phone calls with potential colleges. I elevated my game to the next level due to the incredible talent of Coach Tamayo, my teammates that surrounded me, and the opponents that we faced. I am incredibly thankful for everything that Coach Tamayo did for me and continues to do for those who are serious about the game. I grew as a human being and as a player. Thank you FUTSOC!

Former FUTSOC ENIGMA player


Since the beginning of my college soccer career and years before, FUTSOC has been a stronghold and family that has given me immense support on and off the field. With intense trainings and vigorous workouts that have given me the condition to play at a high college level. From each staff member and coach their love for the game and desire to teach others is something beautiful to watch and each training session I had with FUTSOC I came out loving futebol even more.

University of Connecticut / University of Tampa

Current FUTSOC ENIGMA player


Over the years, our U-18 squads have met the U-18 squads of FUTSOC in many championship finals, each more exciting than the other.  Although our U-18 squads have played many USSDA academies, as well as international academies from Europe & Latin America, few have displayed the sportsmanship, technical ability, fair play, and talent we have seen among the FUTSOC players. FUTSOC is one of the few true developers of youth soccer in Florida.

Gregory Bever, President - Chivas Florida Futbol Academy.

Blake Dean

My experience with FUTSOC was absolutely amazing. The coaches are both friendly and instructive and really look out for the well being of the players. The players are friendly and very competitive with a never give up attitude. Playing with FUTSOC the opportunities are endless.

Current FUTSOC ENIGMA player


Per als Jugadors, Pels jugadors. This could not be more accurate. For the players, by the players. FUTSOC is more than just a brilliant soccer team, It’s a family. My name is Matias De La Flor, and I played for FUTSOC for 4 years. I am now in college, studying acting and everyday missing the days of playing on the field with my mates. I first came to FUTSOC in the summer. The Coaches where holding their annual summer camp, and my mother and I had been told to come see them, if you want to play real soccer. When I first arrived, I was indifferent. I hadn't played soccer in a very long time, and was nervous about beginning again. But as soon as I met Coach Tamayo, it was like I had known him for a very long time. He automatically makes a connection with you, showing you that this is more than just soccer. This is a place to be free. When I jumped in and started to play, my new cleats gave me so much trouble. My feet began to hurt and I quickly had bad blisters within an hour. I sat out, thinking my first day had come to a quick end. As it turned out, I was wrong. Coach had everyone on the field take off their cleats in order for me to play. Instead of me sitting out, he had everyone else help me. This showed me what kind of environment I was in. A place where no one is left behind. Everyone is equal, and we are here for one thing, to enjoy the beautiful game, together. 

As I look back on my time at FUTSOC, I can’t emphasize enough on how being a part of this club shaped me into the man I am. Coach Tamayo, Coach Armando, Coach Francisco, and Coach Carlo, are truly top tier men. Soccer is not the only thing they teach you. They teach you how to be a teammate. How to respect people. How to present yourself. How to be a man. How to always have a good attitude. When you are on a team, you are not the priority, the team is. They taught us that we are working for something bigger than us, bigger than one person, a team. A club. A family. This is a lesson I will carry with me forever. As I begin my career in the theatre world, I recognize it’s a very collaborate art. We work with partners, different directors, designers, all types of amazing people. FUTSOC taught me how to work with others, how to be a part of a team. It’s not you who needs to succeed, it's the team. As relevant as that is to soccer, is it also relevant to many things you will do in your life. 

What I can say about my time at FUTSOC, is that not only did it make me a better soccer player, it made me a better person. I learned so many life lessons and made friends for life. It was a time when I was able to travel, to play the game we all loved, to be with people who made the world around me happy, and to just be pushed to a level of greatness that not many people can achieve. FUTSOC is not just a soccer club, it’s truly a place where your life can be changed for the better. As I move into my career and into my life, I will carry the lessons I learned from these four extraordinary men, who still check in with me to do how I'm doing, congratulate me on getting roles in my latest play, and always ask about my family. Being a part of FUTSOC was one of the best decisions I ever made. My teenage years would have been completely different without the club. I thank these men for the impact they had on my life. You four are role models for any kid, no matter what they do. The dedication the coaches put into this club is unheard of. You are all truly incredible. 

I end with saying this. If you have a chance to join FUTSOC.

Gabriel Gonzalez

Cuando empecé en FUTSOC no conocía a nadie, pero desde el primer momento me recibieron como familia. Futbolísticamente, son excelentes y tienen el nivel mas alto de futbol. 

Siempre son muy entregados a sus prácticas, entrenando cada día fuertemente para así lograr sus objetivos. En el tiempo el cual estuve en este equipo siempre note sus ganas de ayudar a cada jugador a crecer y buscar muchas posibilidades, ya sea para universidades o profesionalmente. Siempre nos llevaron a muy buenos torneos donde habían muchos entrenadores de universidades y de equipos profesionales y siempre buscaban lo mejor para nosotros. En lo personal, yo siempre podía contar con ellos para lo que fuera, siempre me ayudaron mucho en lo futbolístico y en lo personal. Una de las características que sobresale en los entrenadores, es la humildad y siempre jugar como equipo.

Personalmente recomiendo a cualquier persona que quiera ser parte de este equipo, que lo hagan que no se arrepentirán. Crecerán tanto como jugadores como personas y siempre recibirán ese apoyo incondicional de parte de ellos, y recibirán esas oportunidades con las que cada uno de nosotros como jugadores queremos y anhelamos. 

Quiero agradecer a cada uno de los entrenadores por su gran entrega para con cada jugador, pero en especial a JOSE TAMAYO por siempre apoyarme, motivarme y siempre creer en mis habilidades como futbolista. Los quiero mucho y siempre les deseare lo mejor. DIOS LOS BENDIGA.

Former FUTSOC ENIGMA player

Jeff Pintarelli

FUTSOC under the direction of Jose Tamayo is becoming South Florida's closest thing to a true South American soccer club for youth and high school kids. Jose has laid the foundation by staffing his teams with coaches who all know the game. The coaches are from different background but all share a common thread - they've all played the game of soccer. If your children are serious about playing soccer, then FUTSOC has the right program anytime of the year. "I guarantee you will see a vast improvement in your child's game."

Soccer Skills Unlimited
Jeff Pinteralli

Jorge Del Toro

FUTSOC and the Tamayo family of coaches are awesome!  They are invested in developing their players into more than just teams: instill work ethic, camaraderie and respect for the coaches and each other in a supportive and safe environment. Thank you for all you do for our children!

Parent of current FUTSOC player

Jesse Fullerton 

As a former player and coach, FUTSOC has been a life changer for me. The club is more than just a club, and coach Tamayo is more than just a coach. I see FUTSOC as a football family, where one minute we are joking and laughing on the sidelines before games, and the next we are a dangerous South Florida travel team, who gives any other team in this country a run for their money. Coach Tamayo and the Tamayo brothers keep the fun in football/soccer, while teaching the "fun"damentals to the youngsters. The Tamayo's brought the passion of the game to the young players while challenging the minds and bodies of the older players, who were looking to take their game further. Having that mix is a perfect formula for success in youth soccer in America. Glad to have been a part of this club on and off the field.   

Jesse Fullerton 
MLS National Sales Center

Former FUTSOC ENIGMA player

Former player Trinidad & Tobago U20 National Team